The Pleasure of Gifting

The Pleasure of Gifting

For me, the pleasure of gifting is in carefully packing the gifts so that the gifts are not identifiable when still inside the wrap. The look of surprise and the eventual smile on the face of the loved ones makes the process wholesome. Gifts have been our way of expressing love in every relationship. Starting off with hand-drawn greeting cards, chocolates, and floral bouquets made of wildflowers as gifts for grandparents to buy meaningful gifts for siblings and friends, we grow up not only giving special gifts for special occasions but also showering our love in the form of small gifts for appreciation when there was nothing to be explicitly celebrated. 

The gifts that we give people are either something helpful or thoughtful that tickles their memories. Sometimes gifts do not take a physical form for people to treasure for a lifetime. They do not come in a gift wrap. Sometimes, singing a song or cooking an elaborate meal for your loved one is one of the best anniversary gifts that make it to the core memory. These non-physical gifts breed intimacy as they are a way to communicate one’s feelings and emotions beautifully. 

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Gifting itself is an art. Curating presents for a loved one can be as exciting as receiving a gift. The intent is to send a piece of your heart. This requires a lot of love and patience. Gifting becomes increasingly pleasurable when you spend time picking little things that would bring a smile to the person’s face. It is always the little things that bring happiness to people. The fact that you remembered something small about the person would fill their heart. To avoid the stress of buying a perfect gift at the eleventh hour, pick up little things that remind you of someone, from pop-ups or stores that you visit on a random day of the year. 

Choosing a gift can be pressurizing when you are unsure what the person might like. In that case, mentioning your budget and asking the person what they want as their birthday gift would make things much easier. 

When we were children, birthdays were something we looked forward to. This was partly because of the new clothes and cakes, but majorly because of the big and small boxes packed in shiny, colorful papers. The feeling of excitement while hurriedly tearing open gift boxes in pretty wraps to find our favorite toys was something that we all would still remember from our childhood. Even the littlest of things made us smile. That is a lesson we must learn as adults too. Looking for little happiness in this fast-paced world is really important to keep us human. The smell of the cake that mom baked in a pressure cooker and the Carrot Halwa folded in with crunchy cashew nuts are unforgettable memories of celebrating achievements. 

I would like to remember these gifts for how simple yet impressive they are. The exciting thing about getting gifts in the form of food or sweets is that we would not forget about them even after it has been devoured without a trace. Some slightly resembling fragrances are enough to bring the memories rushing back. 

Of all the things that make a relationship stronger, gifts mend things easily. Gifts to celebrate your relationship, gifts after a fight, and gifts for apologizing result in nothing but happy tears. The size of the present does not matter. What is of utmost significance is the effort one makes to see the other person feel loved. Understanding the emotions of the other person is feeling and figuring out what they would want in that situation is a skill that everyone should develop. Especially when you are far away from the person you love, send a piece of your heart to them, as mentioned already. After a quarrel over a phone call or text, a surprise gift box can have the same effect on a person as a tight hug.  

Gift-giving is a way of communicating that we care about the person. People of all ages get excited about gifts and love surprises. It is indeed instinctual. We understand that gifts do not have to be lasting or grand objects as we grow up. Gift something that is meaningful and has a story tethered to it. Nostalgia is the perfect gift one can gift to someone. A handwritten letter, old-school greeting cards, gift cards, a digital mixtape of songs, or even a casserole of their favorite food is a sign of love and would strum the right strings of their heart.  

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