Palakara Petti Jumbo (Pure Veg)


Note: Duties for Europe & Canada if any should be paid by the customers!

Why is it called JUMBO?
Because it's big! Big in size, big in quantity, and packed with extra big love! All the Sweet & Savouries comes in 250g in a bigger version of the same cute tins.
WEIGHT: 2.3kg (Excluding Packing Weight) PACKING: Packed with 10 colorful premium tins
Origin of Palakara Petti

It all started a month before last year’s Diwali during a random conversation about the difficulties in getting authentic Indian snacks even within India. That’s when we realised how much Indians who live abroad would miss these delicacies. So we decided to make this our mission and started sending original Indian Sweets & Snacks to your doorsteps.

We sourced traditional South Indian Sweets & Savouries from famous regional shops across South India and shipped them to Indians abroad who couldn’t make it back home to their families for Diwali. It was a huge hit, and we started adding more delicacies to our boxes, this time not just for Indians but for everyone who loves the taste of India.

Sharing Big Love with a Bigger Palakara Petti

5 Sweets & 5 Savouries

Sourced from authentic regional shops across South India

Care, Love, Quality: That sums up our packing

We source our Sweets & Snacks from local artisanal makers across India, helping support these family-owned businesses to thrive and grow. All the items are MADE TO ORDER, i.e., our makers prepare the items only after we receive your order.

Bringing the items fresh to your doorstep is a challenging task, but we mastered the art. As soon as we get our hands on the items from the makers, we’ll pack them carefully in tins or refill packs and ship them the same day. Everything happens so fast yet so precisely, leaving no room for errors.

Pure Veg

Zero Preservatives

Free Shipping

for maximum protection & freshness

May your Diwali be as Colorful, Sweet & Safe as our Palakara Petti!

  1. When will I receive the items if I order today?

    The immediate shipment is on the 1st week of October and will be delivered within 3-5 days from the date of shipment. All Diwali orders will be delivered 2-3 days before Diwali. You can select your shipping preference at the Checkout.

    All Diwali orders will be delivered 2-3 days before Diwali. You can select your shipping preference at the Checkout.

    You can select your shipping preference at the Checkout.

  2. Where are the items manufactured?

    All the items are sourced directly from authentic regional shops across India.

  3. Will the items still be fresh until it reaches my location?

    All the items you order at Oorla are prepared just a day before the shipment to keep them fresh.

  4. Does Oorla offer Free Shipping?

    Yes. Oorla offers Free Shipping on orders above $59

  5. Do I have to pay duties to receive my order?

    For Europe & Canada, the customers must pay the duties, if any. And the duties are not included in the order value.

    Note:The UK may or may not have duties.