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What comes to your mind when you think of India?

To us, the saying 'As Old as Time' flutters softly through our minds. With culture and tradition rooted deep in our country, it is limitless what the country offers. From the finest Kashmirian Wool in the North to the picturesque sunset view of Kanyakumari in the South to Udaipur, our very own lake city in the West, to the scenic beauty of Darjeeling in the East; our country has it all.

They say if you visit India, every stone has a story to tell. So our brand 'Oorla' aims to bring you the story of each land from the very heart: The Artisans.

The Oorla team is a passionate bunch of young individuals with a keen eye for exquisite things. Be it food, clothing or artefact. Name it, and they will bring it to you in the most authentic form. Unravel a little bit of history with each box of happiness!

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Oorla is on a mission to identify unique & authentic products from around the world and bring to the doorsteps of the audience that can appreciate it.


Oorla's vision is to connect the world through cultural roots / heritage

How Oorla is Authentic ?

oorla All the products are procured just 24-48 hours before packing & shipping.
oorla Extreme care is taken on packing & shipping the products.
oorla All products sold in oorla.com are procured from every oorla (Where the item is famous for)