Grass Hill Wild Honey

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Bring home the taste and experience of nature! Looking for a delicious and healthy way to improve your immunity and control your health? Try our authentic Grass Hill Wild Honey direct from the Western Ghats! Our honey is 100% natural, unfiltered, and raw, and contains bee pollen which has been known to cure cancer and other diseases, meaning you'll get all the benefits of the honey bee pollen.

Our authentic and unprocessed honey is collected from the pristine Anamalai Tiger Reserve Forest, enjoy it with fresh fruit juice or cold beverages for a taste you won't forget. Try our authentic Grass Hill Wild Honey and you'll get not just a golden honey, but also all the benefits of bee pollen to strengthen your immunity and lead a healthy life. Why don't you simply indulge in an unforgettable taste with Grass Hill Wild Honey?

Characteristics - 100% Natural,Unfiltered,Raw,Impurities tested

Benefits - Improves Immunity, Controls the risk of Heart Problems, Helps cure some forms of cancer.

Collection Method - Bees are not harmed/killed.


Ingredients - Pure Wild Honey

Shelf Life - 1 Year

Location - Western Ghats

Note - Store the Bottle in an air-tight container in a dry place. Please keep it away from Sunlight.

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