Kombu Wild Honey


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Do you want to experience something unique? Kombu Wild Honey is not just appealing to your taste buds, it is also good for your health. Relax, Enjoy, Give it a try!

Oorla is committed to making your health better. Extracting pollen themselves instead of using a bee, here's how the Kombu Wild Honey is made. In the Western Ghats, there's a rare type of honey that boasts a creamy texture with a mild taste. It's made by bees that pollinate kombu plants on the hillsides in the Anamalai Tiger Reserve Forest. With no pesticides or artificial chemicals involved in gathering, it tastes rich and is packed with nutrients like magnesium, iron, and zinc.

Treat yourself to great health with Kombu Wild Honey! With no artificial colours or flavours added, get your hands on fresh, whole segments of this rare Kombu Wild Honey to help tackle your major allergies for good! Don't wait any longer! The fresher it gets, the better it tastes!

Characteristics - 100% Natural,Unfiltered,Raw,Impurities tested

Benefits - Improves digestion, Promotes skin health, Source of magnesium, iron, and zinc.

Collection Method - Bees are not harmed/killed.


Ingredients - Pure Wild Honey

Shelf Life - 1 Year

Location - Western Ghats

Note - Store the Bottle in an air-tight container in a dry place. Please keep it away from Sunlight.

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