Rock Shelter Wild Honey


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The delicate natural honey is extracted from the rock shelters that are abundant in the Western Ghats. Rock Shelter Wild Honey is a 100% natural, unfiltered, raw honey that contains a variety of pollen and other elements, giving it an earthy taste with a thick consistency. It has been tested to be "impurity free" and strengthens digestive enzymes.

Rock Shelter Wild Honey is sourced from the Anamalai Tiger Reserve Forest and Mannarkkad Silent Valley, which is darker in colour as the Forest and the consumption of Dark Forest Honey improves digestion, provides balanced nutrition and has anti-aging properties.

The Dark Forest Honey is widely collected in the timeline of April to October. Rich in minerals, this honey has a unique flavour and quality.

Characteristics - 100% Natural,Unfiltered,Raw,Impurities tested

Benefits - Improves digestion, Good Source of Vitamins, Heals wounds.

Collection Method - Bees are not harmed/killed.


Ingredients - Pure Wild Honey

Shelf Life - 1 Year

Location - Western Ghats

Note - Store the Bottle in an air-tight container in a dry place. Please keep it away from Sunlight.

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