Get A Pack, Give A Pack

ஐயமிட்டுண் (iiyamituun)', which roughly translates to 'Eat after donating' from the famous Tamil one-line poem Athichudi has been preached to us from a very young age. The sense of community, the power of giving back to society and showing kindness for the needy is the way our ancestors lived. Even though the times have changed, we can all collectively agree that there is still that sense of community left within us, and we all want to give back to society in one way or the other. Our team Oorla embraces this very core value and advocates giving back to the community. 

Get a Pack, Give a Pack- A Community Outreach Program:

Get A Pack, Give A Pack.

Join hands with us and double your happiness!

While seeking ideas on how to give back to our society, we resolved on 'Get a Pack, Give a Pack'. As a small team, we are starting small by matching your purchase value for each tin of goodies you buy from us and donating it to homeless shelters/ orphanages. 

Grab your tin of happiness now and make a difference today! 

Get & Give

Our pledge to the environment: 

Pledge To The Environment

Like our sense of community, we are also committed to making our products as sustainable as possible. We are starting our sustainable practice with our beautifully decorated, high-quality tin cans that you can easily reuse for various purposes. We are also in the process of researching more sustainable options for inner packing. So stay tuned for more.

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