Honey from the Hive:

A look into the process of acquiring honey

From the western ghats rainforest where flowers spread their aromatic scents for bees; results a masterpiece for human taste buds. With an estimated generation worth of expertise, Oorla sources purely authentic and quality-driven artisanal honey products made from deep in the heart of select regions throughout India - only from locally found flora that produce beautiful tropical flavours.

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"Each season, our honey has its own distinct flavour and texture."

We don't heat or pasteurise our raw, 100% pure forest honey—so it varies according to what flowers were blooming when we made it. This way we can preserve all the good bacteria, enzymes and healthy vitamins while keeping everything else intact too. We remove a small portion of honey from its comb without heating or pasteurising it; this ensures that we preserve all the great-tasting healthy ingredients contained within it.

Why is Honey worth the effort?

It is not just honey but every globule of it represents one drop of blood in our body; tribals say! A practice passed on from generation to generation, these tribals go through a lot of struggle to acquire the honey with a lot of effort to bear fruit. But they won’t stop, they can’t give up lest they starve.

Cruelty-Free Honey

100% Natural

Raw & Unfiltered

Pure Honey; What you need to know?

Hailing mainly from inside the densely wooded Western Ghats of India, our natural honey products are seasonally diverse because they're processed using old-age traditional practices that allow every kind of flavour to come out. By squeezing it out directly and constantly stirring up the mix without letting it ferment, Oorla makes sure all living bees get a fair share by making it possible for them to continue building their colonies near potential sources of food! As a result, these forests provide us with some precious nectar full of live enzymes found in no other liquids available commercially; an irreplaceable reservoir for this species instrumental in nature's creation stories.