Coimbatore Krishna Sweets Ghee Mysore Pak from Oorla 


Mysore Pak, which is unofficially the king of all South Indian sweets, owes its origin to the city of Mysore in Karnataka. The Mysore Maharaja, Krishna Raja Wadiyar IV’s love for food, and the head chef Kakasure Madappa’s experimentation led to the discovery of this crumbly sweet. Impressed by the delicacy, the king officially declared it the Royal sweet, and the name ‘Mysore Pak’ was made up instantly by the royal chef.

Mysore is the place of its origin, and Pak or Paka denotes a sweet mixture. The traditional Mysore Pak recipe made in the royal kitchen consisted of generous amounts of ghee, sugar, and gram flour, mixed together and simmered. The mixture was then poured into a large plate. When cooled, the halwa-like sweet solidified and was cut into pieces and served. Unlike the ones we taste now, Mysore Pak in the old days was porous and brittle. There is still bustle in Mysore’s Guru Sweet Mart, where this traditional version of Mysore Pak is prepared and sold by the descendants of the royal chef.

The Special Mysore Pak in Coimbatore

The chefs in Coimbatore recreated this authentic sweet in the kitchen of Sri Krishna Sweets with a twist. The unique taste of the velvety Mysore Pak in Coimbatore's Sri Krishna Sweets would stay on your tastebuds for a lifetime. Founded by N K Mahadeva Iyer in 1948, Sri Krishana Sweets has been serving traditional sweets in Coimbatore for 74 years. It is now a pioneer in manufacturing delicious Indian, especially South Indian sweets. One can soak in the fragrance of simmered milk and ghee on entering any Sri Krishna Sweets outlets. Legend says that the Coimbatore-based sweet manufacturer cracked the recipe of the currently existing, famous, silky-smooth Mysore Pak (lovingly christened ‘Mysurpa’) after a hundred failed attempts. 

Stacked boxes of Sri Krishna Sweets Mysore Pak during the festive season are a major part of the childhood memories of every Coimbatorian. Stealing it from the Palakaara Thattu, filled with Diwali sweets, was every kid’s ritual during festivities when no one was watching. Coimbatore still not yet found a substitute for this rich ghee sweet. Packs of this Mysore Pak from Sri Krishna Sweets are even sent to relatives and friends who are away from home. To reduce this sort of homesickness, Sri Krishna Sweets opened its branches across India and the UAE. The melt-in-the-mouth attribute of the famous ‘Mysurpa’ makes your tastebuds crave more and turn you into a glutton. 

Deepika Padukone and her love for Mysore Pak

Even Deepika Padukone could not get enough of Mysore Pak from Sri Krishna Sweets! She commented on her husband, Ranveer Singh's Instagram post asking him to "not come back" without Mysore Pak from Sri Krishna Sweets. It made other Instagrammers talk about the sweet and introduce the actors to other varieties of it. Some even offered to send her a box of Mysore Pak. The sensational Bollywood couple was so in love with Mysore Pak that they gifted 'Mysurpa' boxes from Sri Krishna Sweets to everyone who attended their wedding.

Memories with Mysore Pak

This authentic sweet is served at weddings, baby showers, or any occasion in a South Indian household. Traditional sweet boxes with chunks of Mysore Pak are also brought as gifts while visiting someone. The attribute of being ghee-laden makes this sweet 'rich,' and it smoothly slides into the 'celebration sweets list' of every South Indian house. Mysore Pak enjoys such popularity among the traditional sweets of Tamil Nadu because it appeals to all your senses quite effortlessly despite being an experimental dish. Its smooth, golden façade in itself is a treat for the eyes. The strong fragrance of the ghee pierces through your nostrils, preparing your tastebuds for a wave of buttery goodness. The soft, satisfying sound that resembles a baby’s breath while cutting the Pak into cubical or cuboid pieces and the sugary crumbs that stick to your fingertips complete the wholesome experience of savoring a Mysore Pak. Biting into a chunk of this traditional South Indian sweet after a hearty meal is like teleportation to heaven.

Over the years, Mysore Pak has become popular across India. Making Mysore Pak is an art in itself because of the patience and attention it requires to master the exact consistency. Now, many home cooks have cracked the moist, ghee-infused sweet recipe and have also added their creativity. Another variety of the traditional Mysore Pak is made with a dash of cardamom, giving the sweet a quirky flavor. The crispy and extremely sweet Mysore Pak made with Vanaspati, resembling the one traditionally prepared in Mysore, is available in most roadside shops across Tamil Nadu, arranged like a brick wall in a glass jar alongside Kadalai Mittai and Ellu Urundai. Mysore Pak, made with ghee, is one of the most expensive sweets in South India. From being an incidentally discovered dish to garnering love from across the country, Mysore Pak holds an indispensable place in every celebration. 

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