Indulge Yourself In The Authentic Magical Taste of Tamil Nadu

Indulge Yourself In The Authentic Magical Taste of Tamil Nadu

India is known for its exquisite range of flavours. From spicy and salty to a platter of sweet delicacies,you can always feel absolutely content after a meal. While there is an endless list of snacks and traditional sweets to find here, thanks to the many cultures and traditions in every state, Tamil sweets, and snacks are to die for! 

We Tamilians are widely popular for our mouth-watering sambar, rasam, filter coffee, and countless flavorful dishes. It is also to be noted that our land boasts a richness of delicious traditional Sweets and Snacks that are absolutely delightful and should definitely be tried by all. All around the world!! 

Whether you reside in India or abroad, these traditional sweets and Tamil Snacks are perfect to be purchased and stored. They make for the ideal snacking partner with a cup of hot tea or coffee in the evenings or to serve your guests with refreshing sweet flavours after a delicious meal over the weekends. The authentic flavours of Tamil Nadu’s sweets and snacks will be the star of the show, effortlessly praising you for your choice of menu for your guests.


The Best Tamil Sweets Ever!

 If you have been googling “Famous Sweets Shops Near Me,” stop doing that right away! You can find some of the best options with Oorla, which is home to sourcing authentic Tamil sweets with utmost care and love. Here are some popular options to try:

Tirunelveli Halwa

Originating from the Tirunelveli city of Tamil Nadu, this is a halwa that should be tried by the whole of mankind! The taste of this Tirunelveli delicacy, which melts as soon as you take a bite, is what makes it remarkable and incomparable. You can buy Tirunelveli Halwa Online at Oorla, prepared using wheat that is properly mixed with sugar and ghee.



karaikudi Adhirasam

This sweet variety, known as Adhirasam in Tamil Nadu, is known by many other names in India. It is a famous sweet made with its unique shape and slight traditional touches by other cultures too. For instance, it is known as kajjaya in Karnataka, anarsa in Maharashtra, pitha in Odissa, and sirsa in Chhattisgarh. Shaped like a doughnut, sometimes with and without a hole in the center, Adhirasam is a variety of sweets that can be enjoyed as a dessert or a snack.


Kovilpatti Kadalai Mittai

Popular sweet groundnut bites, Kadalai Mittai is a sticky snack that’s also enjoyed and known by different names across India. This is crunchy and made with freshly cultivated groundnuts mixed with the finest jaggery. This healthy snack is a delicious traditional candy perfect to stock up on and relish.

Thoothukudi Macaroons

Unlike the globally popular French macaroons, Thoothukudi macaroon boasts the unique flavors of Tuticorin delights, a picturesque town in Tamil Nadu. While European macaroons are prepared using sugar, egg whites, and almonds, the Tuticorin Macaroons version features egg whites and a ton of cashew nuts to add that delicious local flavor

Srivilliputhur Palkova 

One of the most loved Sweets of South India, the Srivilliputhur Palkova is prepared using pure milk. This is an authentic sweet of Tamil Nadu and is known to have originated in the Srivilliputhur region, hence the name. This palkova is prepared by cooking the milk for hours on a low flame till it reduces to half. It contains just the right amount of sugar and makes for the perfect sweet item for all.

Now, without delay, let us quickly take a look at the popular South Indian Snacks you should place your order from Oorla and enjoy every bite. This is not just any regular Pettikadai snacks. The taste of the traditional snacks below will hit you differently. 

Sattur Ribbon Seeval

 Sattur Ribbon Seeval comes in wide varieties, and the spices add up to this delicious snack's flavors. From options like butter to pepper and hing, these crunchy snacks are skilfully prepared to get those shapes of ribbons, bands, and more. It is the perfect snack for kids and guests as well, as the Sattur Ribbon Seevel is prepared with no added preservatives and artificial agents but only an exquisite mix of spices and fresh ingredients that’s healthy and safe.

Chettinadu Achu Murukku

Another traditional version of the famous Murukku, Achappam or Achu Murukku, is a deep-fried cookie made using rice flour that looks like a rose. It is believed that this version of murukku came into Southern India from Dutch influence, making it an important snack item among the Christians. It is served with beverages on Christmas as well as at weddings and birthday parties.

Sattur Milagu Sev

Sattur Milagu Sev and Sattur Kara Sev are popular Petti Kadai snacks that originate in Sattur. Thanks to its spicy and crunchy flavors, it makes for the perfect accompaniment to snack with tea and coffee and meals as a side dish.

With Oorla, you can get customized Sweets Packaging Boxes that make the perfect gifts for special occasions. You can add this wide range of traditional sweets and snacks of Tamil Nadu, including Aachi Athirasam and Idli Podi, to enjoy them without guilt. They are handpicked to include in pretty Sweet Box Packaging that comes in various colours and sizes.



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