Kutty Petti

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Kutty Petti – The Cutest & Sweetest Box ever!

Get ready to shower your tastebuds with all this authentic and sweet with our cute Kutty Petti!

This traditional Sweet Box is not just about the heavenly treats inside; it's also a visual feast! Long after the sweets are savored, our colorful tins will find a special place in your home, carrying the spirit of South India.

We believe in preserving not just flavors but the environment, too. Our eco-friendly reusable tins ensure that your journey through South Indian sweetness leaves no footprint behind. It's a conscious choice for a sweeter and greener tomorrow.

Order your Kutty Petti now - Four Authentic Sweets, One Unforgettable Experience!


Ingredients -

Srivilliputhur Palkova: Milk, Sugar (Shelf Life: 15 Days)

Tirunelveli Halwa: Wheat, Sugar, Ghee (Shelf Life: 20 Days)

Karur Thenga Mittai: Grated Coconut & Jaggery (Shelf Life: 30 Days)

Karaikudi Adhirasam: Raw Rice Flour, Jaggery, Refined Oil (Shelf Life: 20 Days)

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