Oorla Wild Ghee
Wild Ghee
Oorla Ghee
Wild Ghee from Oorla
Oorla Wild Ghee

Wild Cow Ghee (Bilona Churned)

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In the green plains of Western ghats, where lush meadows dance with the breeze and the sun paints a golden hue, a treasure is unveiled – Oorla Pure Wild Ghee.

Derived from the milk of free-ranging, wild cows that graze upon an astounding 162 varieties of nutrient-rich grasses, Oorla Pure Wild Ghee transcends the ordinary.

Your Oorla Wild Ghee is collected from 11 Native Cow Breeds:

1. காரி (Kaari) 2. செம்பூத்து காரி (Sembur Kaari) 3. கட்டைக்காரி (Kattai Kaari) 4. பனங்காரி (Panangaari) 5. கருமறையன் (Karumarayan) 6. மயிலை (Mayilai) 7. செவளை (Sevalai) 8. பிள்ளை (Pillai) 9. செம்மரியன் (Semmariyan) 10. குட்டை கருப்பன் (Kuttai Karuppan) 11. குட்டைச்செழியன் (Kuttai Chezhiyan)

Benefits of Wild Milk Ghee:

Rich in essential fatty acids, Wild Ghee nourishes your body from within, bestowing you with strength and vitality. Our Wild Ghee has healthy fats, helps the digestive system, strengthens the immune system, Source of Essential Vitamins, Anti-inflammatory & Anti-cancer, Boon for Lactose Intolerance, Treats Burns, Healthy & thicker Skin, Strengthens Bones, Cures Thyroid Dysfunction, Helps in Weight Loss, Treats Menstrual Problems, and the best appetizer.

Why Choose Oorla Wild Ghee?

In a world where choices abound, our Wild Ghee displays rarity and distinction.

Unlike the conventional A2 grade ghee, our wild ghee is a pinnacle of authenticity, borne from cows that roam freely and graze upon nature's finest medicinal herbs and grass.

It's not a regular ghee. It's a step above A2 Grade!


Ingredients - Wild Cow Milk Butter

Shelf Life - 1 Year (Ghee can be safely stored for up to a year, however, it is advisable to refrigerate it if you plan on keeping it for longer than 3 months. To ensure optimal freshness and taste, make sure to use it within a year.)

Packing - Packed in Sealed Jars

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